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sold - Waffle Towel - One dish drying ~ glass shining

sold - Waffle Towel - One dish drying ~ glass shining
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Model: # 2115
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sold out

One Waffle Towel  $20 each

photo shows 2 but this sale is for one cloth

The Waffle cloths dry dishes and also shine glass beautifully.

Nordic Microfiber - Premium Ultra Microfiber Products from Denmark

We strive to offer the best quality microfiber on the market (50% polyester/ 50% polyamide). Our featured Nordic Microfiber products are of Danish design and are new to North America, not available in stores.


Special features:

  • Premium Quality ultra microfiber

  • For furniture, kitchen dish drying towel, appliances, cars, shine silverware, dry glassware, windows,mirrors

  • Cleans without chemicals

  • Use wet or dry

  • Thick, soft, super absorbent for water and grease

  • 50% polyester /50 % polyamide (with double edged stitching)

  • Best quality available - not avail. in stores

  • 16 x 16 inches (40 x 40 cm)



    Product name:  Waffle Towel - Nordic Microfiber
    Item # 2115 (NMF) Clean Plus
    Color: blue only
    Size: 16 x 16 inches (40 x 40 cm)
    Composition: 50% Polyester / 50% Polyamide (with double edged stitching)
    Denier: 0.14 dtex
    Fiber Type: Spilt Ultra Microfiber
    Weight: 57 grams
    Wash: machine wash up to 90oF - quick drying
    Shelf life: appx, 500 machine washes
    Warranty: 3 years
    Prepared under ISO - REACH SVHC control



    Product Details:


    The premium Nordic Microfiber (NMF) Waffle Cleaning Towel is tight woven, super soft and absorbent. This cloth is designed to clean furniture, kitchen areas and cars. Use as a dish drying towel. These cloths bring back the shine to your appliances and sink, with just a few wipes. The special heavy waffle weave of the cloth allows for a very high liquid absorption with quick drying. It can absorb over 7 times its weight in water. The waffle weave allows liquid to be picked up in the high sections of the weave. Then it wipes away the liquid to the lower sections of the weave, leaving the dryer area of the towel in contact with the surface. You can clean and dry longer with the same towel. The unique waffle weave means there is virtually no friction in the cloth. Making itefficient withless effort in cleaning and less strain on wrists. Surfaces become so clean that new dust and dirt will not return as quickly.

  • Construction:

    The premium Nordic Microfiber Waffle Towel is constructed from split ultra microfibers which give the cloth the ability to clean, absorb liquid and hold dirt. This towelis constructed of a woven 50% polyester / 50% polyamide blend and weave of ultra microfiber which makes this cloth the best quality and the most durable microfiber cleaning cloth on the market. The ultra-fine weave of microfiber strands are a mere 0.14 dtex thick (note: high quality microfiber is under 0.5 dtex). The edges and rounded corners of the cloths are sewn with over lock stitching which greatly increases durability. This cloth has been tested and withstands more than 500 machine washes when cared for properly and is guaranteed for 3 years. Not available in stores.

    Application areas:

    ThisNordic Microfiber Waffle Towelwas developed for cleaning furniture, kitchen dish drying towel, appliances,cars and all general purpose cleaning.

    Recommended areas of use are: kitchen, counters, ceramic stovetops and grease clean up. This cloth brings back the shine to stainless steel beautifully, with only water. You will be amazed. Use daily in bathrooms/ washrooms to shine fixtures, sinks, showers and bathtubs. Use at home to clean TVs, computers, dustings blinds, shutters, polishing furniture, pianos, couch, chairs, lifts pet fur off furniture, pet care, shines musical instruments, golf clubs and sports equipment.

    Use to clean all floors, hard wood, laminate, linoleum and tile. Perfect for cleaning car interiors, drying body,windows, motorcycles, boats and RV's. This cloth is a must for those who love to polish classic cars.The cloth can also be used along with car polish for a quicker shine.

    These cloths are developed to not only be used in homes but also in industrial areas such as hospitals, offices and commercial cleaning. Use in show rooms, cafeterias, day care centers, school, cottage, restaurants, hotels, car dealerships, marinas, airlines and hair salons,the possibilities are endless. This cloth is perfect for housekeepers, auto detailers and cleaning contractors.

    This cloth works nicely alongside the Multi-Purpose/Duster or Glass cloth to clean and shine your home. You can mix and match to combine different cloth types and colours of the same priced item.


This cloth was designed by Nordisk Microfiber in Denmark.  All cloths have manufacturer's embroidered label with product item number and composition. All cloths are shipped flat and unpackaged. Instructions are included.

You can mix and match to combine different cloth types and colours of the same priced item.

Click below to view and print the Applications Chart pdf file

Applications For Microfiber Products



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sold - Waffle Towel - One dish drying ~ glass shining
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sold - Waffle Towel - One dish drying ~ glass shining
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sold - Waffle Towel - One dish drying ~ glass shining
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sold - Waffle Towel - One dish drying ~ glass shining
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