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Auto Detailing large grey cloth

Auto Detailing large grey cloth
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AUTO  DETAILING  CLOTH (Vikan)  – grey -Extra Large S

Special features:

•           auto detailing cloth

•           For general purpose cleaning, dusting & heavily soiled areas

•           Cleans without chemicals

•           Use wet or dry

•           Thick, super absorbent for water and grease

•           90% polyester /10 % polyamide   (with double edged stitching)

•           12 x 25” inches   (32 x 64 cm) – long

Product Details:

This knitted Vikan Auto detailing cleaning cloth, was developed for large area dusting, general purpose cleaning and heavily soiled areas and greasy areas. The fine fibers facilitate the attraction of dirt and grease, keeping them trapped within the cloth fibers so you can clean longer.  The cloth can be used dry or wet for general cleaning, heavily soiled, greasy or outdoor areas. Solutions can be used but are not needed. Surfaces become so clean that new dust and dirt will not return as quickly. This cloth is highly absorbent making it great for cleaning up liquid spills, grime and auto detailing. 


This auto detailing cloth is a thick terry type cloth. This lint free cloth is made up of hundreds of thousands microfibers which give the cloth the ability to clean, absorb grease and liquid and hold dust and dirt. The ultra-fine weave of microfiber strands This cloth is constructed of a woven 90% polyester / 10% polyamide blend.


The edges of the cloth are sewn with over lock stitching which greatly increases durability. This cloth has been tested and withstands more than 500 machine washes when cared for properly and is guaranteed for 3 years. Not available in stores.

Application areas:

This large sized Auto Detailing cloth was developed for large area cleaning and drying. 

Recommended areas of use are: large wide areas, cars, boats, motorcycles, or any other large area on floors. This cloth brings back the shine to surfaces beautifully with only water. You will be amazed.

This cloth is great for quick floor clean ups, soaking up spills on hard surfaces. Use to clean all floors, hard wood, laminate, linoleum and tile. Perfect for cleaning car interiors, drying body, windows, motorcycles, boats and RV’s.  This cloth is a must for those who love to polish classic cars. The cloth can also be used along with car polish for a quicker shine.

These cloths are developed to not only be used in homes but also in industrial areas such as hospitals, offices and commercial cleaning. Use in show rooms, cafeterias, day care centers, school, cottage, restaurants, hotels, car dealerships, marinas, airlines and hair salons, the possibilities are endless. This cloth is perfect for housekeepers, auto detailers and cleaning contractors.

This cloth works nicely alongside the Waffle Towel, Multi-Purpose or Glass cloths to clean and shine your cars or home.

Note:  Since microfiber works so well to pick up dirt, if particles get trapped in fibers, they might cause scratches. Make sure your cloth is free of any debris before using on materials such as plastics, glass and other delicate surfaces.



Product name:          Grey Auto Microfiber Cloth - Vikan

Item #                         Grey Auto Cloth - large

Colours:                    grey

Size:                           12 x 25” inches   (30 x 64 cm) - long

Composition:           90% Polyester / 10% Polyamide  (with double edged stitching on 2 sides)

Fiber Type:                Microfiber


Max. drying temperature 55 °Celsius

Max washing cleaning temperature  95 °Celsius

All cloths are shipped flat and unpackaged. Instructions


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Auto Detailing large grey cloth
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Auto Detailing large grey cloth
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Auto Detailing large grey cloth
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