100% Premium Quality
European Design
Environmentally safe
Cleans almost any surface with JUST WATER!

Ultra Microfiber Outshines Traditional Cleaning Methods



Introducing Nordic Microfiber Products - From Denmark


Nordisk Microfiber's cloths were developed for the professional cleaning industry.

We have chosen to feature the Nordic line of Clean Plus microfiber products, new to North America. We strive to offer the best quality ultra microfiber on the market

(50% polyester/ 50% polyamide). This blend is hard to find on the internet and in stores.

Nordisk Microfiber's cloths are approved for use in hospitals, industrial cleaning and institutions that require high cleaning standards throughout Scandinavia.

Now they are marketed worldwide.

These premium high quality cloths were developed in Denmark by Nordisk Microfiber (est. 1998). With more than 15 years experience in the development of microfiber cloths, mops, ergonomic handles and cleaning frames, they are a leading company in the Danish cleaning industry when it comes to environmentally friendly cleaning - without the use of chemicals.

The Nordisk Microfiber Advantages:

  • professional high quality products
  • known for durability and best cleaning result
  • reduce the use of chemicals
  • improved ergonomics, minimal strain while cleaning
  • better hygiene
  • continuous development of and improvement of new and existing products
  • product development tailored to customer's needs
  • products are tested and approved
  • cloths are durable lasting more than 500 machine washes
  • cloths can withstand to be tumble-dried at 80oF
  • complaint rate was 0% last few years
  • 3 year guarantee on all products

Nordisk Microfiber aims to provide the best denier possible. All Nordic Microfiber Clean Plus cloths have a standard of 0.14 Dtex and the ultra-fine glass cloths are even more effective with 0.19 Dtex. This is the best thickness for the optimum cleaning result compared to the product lifetime. Although the fibers are extremely thin, the mixing ratio of the cloth is very durable - tested by over 500 machine washes.

Environmental Policy:

With Nordisk Microfiber's environmental policy, their objective is to have minimal environmental impact. The aim is to prevent pollution, continually reduce environmental impact and resource consumption in both production and with the end-users. This is achieved by ensuring the use of environmentally friendly processes, products and aids in production stages. Nordisk Microfiber's environmental policy states that used products are disposed of safely for the environment.

Nordisk Microfiber manufactures their products under high standards in factories that are ISO certified and all products meet EU requirements from the REACHE candidate list, which addresses environmental and health hazardous substances in textiles.