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Glass Windows Mop Kit

Glass Windows Mop Kit
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Featuring Premium ultra microfiber products from Denmark

Complete Window Glass Cleaning Kit

Glass Mop Kit  Item # 6000


Areas where you can use this kit:

•           Large window areas

•           Doors with glass and mirrors

•           Office places with glass walls

•           Spray painted door and tables

•           Buses inside and outside

•           Industrial large size, kitchens for all steel surfaces


Special features and benefits:

•           Premium Quality ultra microfiber

•           Saves time when washing windows

•           Cleans without chemicals

•           Make glass and steel cleaning a breeze.

•           Simple and easy to use, Saves labor involved

•           Saves money on solutions by using only water

•           Reduces water usage & waste water

•           Strong fibers, low friction

•           Super absorbent

•           mop pads & cloths  - appx,  500 machine washes    


Product Details:

The superior Nordic Glass Window Microfiber (NMF) Mopping System

It is complete kit for all glass, spray painted surfaces and steel cleaning.


NMF Glass Mop is developed for all glass, steel and lacquered surfaces with only the use of water.  Use dry, spray the cleaning surface water after which the mop can be used to wipe clean. The set is developed to clean even very dirty windows, outside as well as inside. The mop should be completely dry when starting the usage of the mop. The mop is specially developed with a 1-layer microfiber fiber inside, in a way that it secures a high carrying capacity and that the mop absorbs all of the water on the window, even when used on several windows.


By using the NMF Glass Mop kit you save 20% of the time spent cleaning, compared to traditional cleaning of windows with glass cloths.

It was designed as a fast and easy way to efficiently clean all large glass areas. The high quality mop handles and base are constructed of sturdy light-weight aluminum. The mop base swivels. The handle is extendable, enabling the user to reach high places. The special mop pad cloths attach by Velcro.


The complete 4 piece microfiber mop set includes:

The set includes:

• 5 Small Glass mop pads,  15.5 x 5.5 inches

• 5 Premium Glass cloths (item #2210)  size 14.5 x 14.5 inches – white

                 (note: the glass cloths do not have the blue trim)

• 1 frame mop base -  aluminum -  12" inches

• 1 handle -  lightweight telescopic aluminum mop handle item # 0314 , extends from 2 feet to 5 feet  

• 1 unit transparent water atomizer 500 ml



The superior Nordic Microfiber Mopping System uses lint free mop pads constructed of a polyester / polyamide blend of ultra microfiber, which allows the mop to glide across surface easily. The edges of the cloth pads are sewn with over lock stitching which greatly increases durability.

The mop is manufactured with a microfiber interlayer that allows the mop to absorb all the water and effective cleans the glass, even across many square meters. The front of the mop is made of ultra-fine fibers just 0.14 den thick.

During application the mop is sprayed with an atomizer just containing water, after which the mop is mounted on the mop pole feeder with mop locks that secures the mop from swivel. This way the mop reaches all the corners, even on small window corners. Effective method to save time and effort during window cleaning.

This mop has been tested and the mop pads withstand more than 500 machine washes when cared for properly and guaranteed for 3 years. Nordisk Microfiber of Denmark, have put 6 years into development of this product to ensure durability for the cleaning industry.


Nordic Microfiber

Small Glass Mop Pad   -  white with blue trim



            fits small mop base size 12” inches   

Item #:                        small mop pad

Colour:                        white, blue trim

Size:                            15.5 x 5.5 inches

Composition:               70% polyester / 30% polyamide   (with double edged stitching)

Denier:                        0.14 dtex 

Back side:                   100% nylon - attaches by Velcro

Wash:                          machine wash up to  90ᵒF - quick drying

Shelf life:                     appx, 500 machine washes

Guarantee:                  3 years


Glass Cleaning Cloth

If you are looking for the best quality ultra microfiber cloth and a better way to clean glass, the premium Nordic Microfiber (NMF) Glass Cleaning Cloth is what you need.  This is a flat woven cloth specially designed for cleaning and polishing all smooth and glass surfaces. Perfect for shining mirrors and windows. Lightly dampen cloth with water only. No need to use chemicals or cleaning solutions in order to achieve a perfect cleaning result.  This cloth has the unique property of cleaning and wiping dry simultaneously. No extra drying is needed. It cleans so well, trapping the dirt in the fibers so securely, leaving no residue behind. Surfaces air-dry to a lint-free and streak-free shine.



Product name:          Glass Cloth -  Nordic Microfiber

Item #                         2210 (NMF)

Color:                         white  (note: no blue trim as in photo)

Size:                           14 ½ x 14 ½ “ inches   (38 x 38 cm)

Composition:             50% Polyester / 50% Polyamide  (with double edged stitching)

Denier:                       0.19 dtex

Fiber Type:                Spilt Ultra Microfiber

Weight:                      32 grams

Wash:                         machine wash up to 90ᵒF   - quick drying

Shelf life:                   appx, 500 machine washes

Warranty:                   3 years


Mop handle – aluminium telescopic

The Nordic Microfiber (NMF) Mop Handle is a lightweight Aluminium telescopic handle with a 3-piece shaft with interior locks that are reinforced with heavy duty nylon bushings and locking parts. It is designed for ergonomic comfort with two non-slip foam grips, (if hands are wet). The mop is easy to use in tight spaces.



Product name:                        Mop Handle

Item #                          0314 (NMF)

Colour:                        Blue plastic parts and alloy look

Length:                       extends to 5 feet (178 cm), closes to 2 feet (75 cm)

Composition:               aluminium and plastic

Weight:                        105 grams

Guarantee:                  3 years


bd14539_Small Mop base – aluminum   (12” inches)  


The Nordic Microfiber (NMF)  Mop Base is a lightweight Aluminium designed for easy use. The base attaches to the pole by a simple click and lock in place.  The lock on the pivot is made of metal so that it can hold, even at very high pressure. The mop pads attach by Velcro and can wrap around the base.



Product name:            Small Mop base  12” inches   

Composition:               Material Aluminum, metal, hard plastic part / end caps, Velcro strip

Size:                            12 x 3” inches    

Guarantee:                  3 years



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Glass Windows Mop Kit
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Glass Windows Mop Kit
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Glass Windows Mop Kit
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Glass Windows Mop Kit
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Glass Windows Mop Kit
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