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Ultra Microfiber Outshines Traditional Cleaning Methods


For almost 30 years European cleaning manufactures have offered innovative cleaning systems as an alternative to conventional cleaning methods and have developed the most advanced and efficient commercial cleaning system in the world. Initially used by the health care industry in Scandinavia, this system has now expanded to other European and worldwide markets. They are now used in hospitals, other medical clinics, hotels, schools, airports and child care centers. With the introduction of this potential alternative, an increasing number of North American organizations have become more aware of the benefits of using microfiber cleaning products and have switched over to this system.

This method utilizes microfiber cleaning products, cloths & mops along with the specially designed cleaning carts for a unique process that assists staff in working efficiently and smoothly. To facilitate their microfiber cloth system they offer an innovative system for cleaning rooms and floors. The ergonomic features of microfiber systems are of the utmost importance, as they increase worker safety, satisfaction and productivity. The use of microfiber products in commercial cleaning dramatically reduces the use of cleaning solutions and chemicals, helping to protect the health of staff, patients and the environmental ecology of the world as a whole.

These specially designed microfiber systems incorporate several ergonomic features:

  • Lighter and easy to maneuver
  • Hold all the proper tools; buckets, baskets and laundry bags to separate the clean cloths from the soiled cloths
  • Allow workers to use lighter buckets with less water - reducing worker stress
  • No chemicals required (enviro safe cleaning solutions can be used)
  • Safer cleaning operations lead to less polluting
  • Flat microfiber mops are better quality yet light-weight, easy to handle (less work intensive)
  • Easily removable and replaceable mop pads reduce cross contamination
  • Superior cleaning results, eliminate more bacteria
  • Mop pads are super absorbent, machine washable and have a long life span
  • Floors dry faster, less slips, falls and injuries
  • Improves job productivity - less time to clean rooms

All of these features lead to increased cost savings on water, detergent and energy, making it very economical in the long term.

Consider these products for your eco-friendly,  non-toxic, green cleaning needs.

For further information, please read the following studies:

Using Microfiber Mops in Hospitals - Portable Document Format (PDF), 359 KB
Environmental Best Practices for Health Care Facilities
Case study - University of California Davis Medical Center
Detailed cost information for switching from conventional wet loop mops to microfiber mops for floor cleaning. Highlights the benefits including shorter cleaning times, reduced chemical and water use, and easier ergonomics. Includes a case study.
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Case study: Are Microfiber Mops Beneficial for Hospitals? - Portable Document Format (PDF), 257 KB
This study by the Sustainable Hospitals Project (University of Massachusetts) focuses on the environmental and health and safely aspects of microfiber mops, in order to help hospitals fully evaluate microfiber mops as an alternative to conventional loop mops.
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10 Reasons to Use Microfiber Mopping - Portable Document Format (PDF), 189 KB
Sustainable Hospitals Project
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For further information go to:
Sustainable Hospitals - Provides technical support to the health care industry for selecting products and practices that reduce occupational and environmental hazards, maintain quality patient care, and contain costs.
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