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Ultra Microfiber Outshines Traditional Cleaning Methods

Our Mission

Our Company's MISSION is to offer quality products to the consumer while working towards the preservation of our earth and our future. We are committed to providing customers with an innovative solution that promotes natural methods of green cleaning without chemicals, for a safe and healthy environment.

About Us

We aim to offer the best quality microfiber on the market. We have been a supplier of premium quality ultra microfiber products since 1999 when we began to market Swedish made Tergo Microfiber products. We have operated this e-commerce site since 2001. In 2013 we branched out to import the Nordic Microfiber line from Denmark and other products. We plan to continue to offer other superior quality products from European suppliers. We prefer to sell products with manufacture's labels that indicate whether the cloths are of a 50% polyester/50% polyamide, 70/30, or 80/20 blend.

We are pleased to supply microfiber products to promote a green living lifestyle to many companies such as facility maintenance departments, hotels, housekeeping, educational institutes, hospitals, show rooms, auto detailers, professional office and house cleaning services. 

Where to buy microfiber cleaning cloths on line. We also offer wholesale prices and distributor information. Please email us for details.

Our customers are important to us as we offer fair, friendly and honest customer service. You will be completely satisfied with the products you receive.

A division of Hummingbird Sales.
We ship from Burlington, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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How Did the Butler Do It?

Use Tergo electrostatic cloths for household cleaning from floors to lint- and smudge-free mirrors and windows. They just require water, doing away with harsh chemicals. Pricey (don't buy the cheap Chinese knockoffs, which last a few months - properly cared for, Swedish Tergos last a couple of years) but the savings in chemicals soon covers the cost of the cloths, not to mention the ease of cleaning. www.ultramicrofibers.com

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